My thoughts on Keto and Low-carb diets

As a "traditionally schooled" nutritionist/dietitian, sometimes it's hard not to be judgmental when it comes to fad diets. With my 20+ years of experience though, I learned to cultivate a less emotional or reactive look into things in general while trying to be more thoughtful before I criticize something without really looking into the question as a whole.

In other words, there's nothing wrong with any of the diets out there, being it Paleo, Keto, Low-carb, Atkins, South Beach, etc, etc. They might work for many people. They might serve as a "kick-start" for a healthier life. They might give people more energy, higher self-esteem, motivation to engage on a healthy lifestyle. These benefits are not to be taken lightly. And I appreciate those diets for enabling individuals to achieve that.

The issue however, time and time again, is that no matter what type of diet is trendy, they usually are short-lived. Fundamental questions should be asked, such as: what's the SUSTAINABILITY of the diet? Does it enhance long-term healthy habits? How INCLUSIVE is it, in terms of social events, like going out with friends and family? How Restrictive is it? Does it exclude food groups that are actually healthy? Does it condemn a specific food as "bad"? Does it promise rapid rewards?

Being a "traditional nutritionist" gave me the opportunity to study the science of nutrition for many years. To understand how foods and their nutrients are broken down, absorbed and utilized by the body. How humans need a broad spectrum of different nutrients to nourish and thrive and for our bodies to develop to its full potential.

Apart from the science, a bunch of social, cultural and psychological studies are also part of our education since foods and nutrition are directly related to those. To understand the emotional and psychological burdens that eating can bring, issues like body image and self-esteem and our tendencies to judge ourselves by the way we eat or the lifestyle we have.

There are so many different dimensions to nutrition and eating and individual differences that are hard to generalize into saying that this diet works for everybody.

So my thoughts on Keto or any other diets? They are doomed to be forgotten once the "hype" is gone. Then, another one will replace it. My professional advice about Keto or other diets: THEY ARE NON-SUSTAINABLE, to say the least, others are harmful for our health, and others are too extreme to last. Unfortunately, the story continues until there's another diet, another empty promise, and a bunch of people trying to benefit financially from the current bandwagon.

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