Want to start the New Year with a diet? Think again...

They are countless: Paleo, Ketogenic, Low-carb... which one is right for you?

None of them! Diets don't work. Oh well, they may work, but most restricting diets, the ones that take out many foods and even entire food groups (many times healthy ones like fruits!) are non-sustainable, they are not long-term and definitely not permanent. They don't tackle one crucial point: lifestyle.

There is no way to integrate a healthy, wholesome and balanced diet without making it part of our everyday lives. Like brushing our teeth, we commit to a healthy eating habit - and it doesn't mean that we can't indulge on a sweet treat, a fat-rich dish, a special occasion thing. That's also part of life. We are not robots.

So the difference is on a day-to-day basis, if we eat pretty well, that's what matters! If we exercise on a constant basis, and also work on our mental well-being, then, we can say that we are indeed living a healthy lifestyle. It's all about balance. Not extremes. The middle ground.

Happy 2018. Aim for balance.

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