Healthy Diet for the New Year

People usually ask me for practical and general tips for a healthier diet. New year is coming, classic top resolutions are to lose weight, to eat healthier, to exercise, to take care of oneself. So here are some - not so original, but - important tips that are essential for a healthier eating:

1. Plan Ahead - If you plan what you will eat for future days, chances are you will stick to it. This may involve MEAL PREP which is a really important and practical strategy to eat healthy foods.

2. Add variety - Choose different colored vegetables and fruits, a variety of healthy snacks, and not repeating the same meal everyday (ex: same breakfast) helps to widen the sources of nutrients that go into our bodies.

3. Do not skip breakfast - Research has shown that skipping breakfast slows our metabolic rate and, therefore, the body doesn't work as fast (not using as much energy), which can lead to weight gain. A healthy breakfast is important to tell the body we are ready to move.

4. Eat slowly - It takes over 20 minutes for the brain to become aware that food is being digested. This tip is particularly important if we are hungry (after skipping meals or snacks) because we tend to eat faster and more than we actually need. Chew food slowly and start with raw salad is a great way to avoid overeating.

5. Do not follow FAD DIETS - they are usually short termed. The best way to lose weight, gain muscle, be healthy, have energy or whatever other goal in relation to nutrition is to eat a HEALTHY DIET and not to deprive or follow extreme and rigid rules.

These are some general tips for a healthy 2017. Eating healthy does not have to be complicated and we can start anytime!

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