Personal Nutrition's Signature Smoothie Recipe

I have been so busy that time to blog has been restricted. But , due to popular demand (from my clients) I am posting the recipe for my favorite smoothie - it's simple but it's guaranteed to get you going throughout the day - and I add the nutritional information at the end! :)



1 cup frozen spinach (or kale)

½-1 cup frozen blueberries

½ frozen RIPE banana

1 cup organic 2% milk (or milk alternative)

1 cup ice (optional, for a more slushy smoothie)


1C vanilla yogurt (cow, goat, coconut)

1 scoop of vanilla plant/whey protein

1 tbsp chia seeds / flax seeds / hemp seeds / coconut flakes

1 tbsp almond butter


  1. In order, add spinach, ice , banana, blueberries, (extras) and milk to blender.

  2. Blend, pulsing until mixture is smooth. Serves 1-2.

​* Notice the text in bold. They indicate the best yummiest option. Bananas need to be ripe to be sweeter and easy on digestion. Coconut flakes just add an extra crunchiness and deliciousness to the smoothie. And almond butter - do I need to say any more?

Nutritional facts:

Smoothie with 1 scoop of plant protein, 1 tbsp almond butter and 2% milk:

405 calories, 44.7g of carbs, 13g of fats, 29.3 g of protein.

These are good fats that will keep your energy up for the entire morning!

Try it out!

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