Food Cravings and Body Awareness

It is important to get in touch with our own body in order to be aware of its signals. It is a known fact, for example, that when we eat simple carbs (made from white flour such as a pastry) we will be craving carbs in a couple of hours. That's a common (and physiological) reaction from the metabolism of sugars in the body. Our brain signals the end of the sugar absorption and we interpret it as hunger - but it's not. That's why it's so hard to lose weight with a high carb diet, even when the type of carbs is derived from whole grains.

Another interesting crave that I myself had experienced, is craving for wet food and juices. I recently travelled to a tropical, humid and hot country and I found myself drinking tons of juices. There's nothing wrong in drinking freshly made pineapple or passion fruit juice - they are delicious - but not when it's taking the place of water, our best hydrator. I realized that the crave was a need to hydrate. Even coconut water was not doing it: I needed plain, good-old water. After drinking tons of water, my crave subdized.

So I found the chart below: I cannot say that it is 100% scientifically-proven and accurate, but it does make sense in many ways.

The important thing is being mindful, giving a minute to think about what is happening. When we become aware of what our body is really asking, we are able to nourish it better and get connected to its signals.

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