New Year's Resolutions

We all have hopes for the New Year. Some of us have specific resolutions. Many of us hope to improve our eating habits. For those who want to eat healthier in 2015, I have some (general) tips:

1. Don't make unrealistic goals.

To promise yourself you will never eat junk food again is not sensible. Keep it simple and real. Something along the lines of "I will include veggies in at least 1 meal a day" or "I will only get organic milk from now on..."

2. Organize your time. Include physical activity.

If you haven’t found something (some kind of exercise) that you enjoy doing, this year should be devoted to that. You can’t try to have a healthier life only by eating healthier: you need to include some physical activity along with it. Yoga, boot camp, biking, tennis, jogging, walking the dog – an active life is as important as eating healthy.

3. If you have tried an infinite number of diets on your own – and failed to stick to any of them – seek someone who can guide you this year.

This is an honest and sensible recommendation, but I know there are barriers attached to it (financial concern, skepticism, fear of failure). There are many “nutrition experts” out there, how to discern among all? Well, it may be a recommendation from a friend, or it may take some trial and error, the key is to search.

Why not making our number one priority for 2015 to be happy???

It sounds a bit of a cliché, but being grateful for being alive, for having a home, or even having food to eat can make us appreciate what we have and, in turn, make us more positive towards life. Don’t focus on the negative. Don’t think about having to lose those 10 pounds this year. Think about striving for a healthier lifestyle and feeling better, more energetic this year. The esthetics part...that will come as a nice bonus…

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