Testimonials & Reviews

Sarah Mendiola - Martial Arts Athlete

January 03, 2020

I have been working with Anna for the past two years and I'm always pleased with the quality of her work! I am an athlete and train very hard and she helps gain muscle while keeping the fat off! Her menu is easy to follow and she figures out the numbers for you to save you time and money. She has a scientific method for checking your body composition for weight, BMI, muscle and bone mass to help you reach your goals faster! I highly recommend her!

Chayito Veliz - Triathlete

November 12, 2019

December of last year I was struggling with energy loss and was diagnosed with severely thyroid problems. After my body rejecting 3 different medications, my doctor suggested a more natural healing and consult a nutritionist. My coach suggested a sports nutritionist who will help me balance my thyroid levels while still training for my planned 2018 "A" races. He recommended Anna (Personal Nutrition) - and well, one year later you can see my picture crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I also did the Challenge Roth in Germany where I had a personal record by 20 minutes!!!

Franco & Roberto - World Beach Volleyball Champs

Working with Roberto and Franco since the beginning of their career as professional beach volleybal players was an incredible experience. They won the World Championship twice (1993 and 1995), third place in the Pan American Games at Winnipeg (1999) and 7th place at the Atlanta Summer Olympics (1996).

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