2020 Resolutions - Focus on your health.

After having kids I adapted a new mantra: "FIRST TAKE CARE OF MYSELF SO I CAN TAKE CARE OF OTHERS". This resonates with my previous thought of "IF YOU DON'T TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, NO ONE WILL". And those are absolutely true: we are responsible for taking care of ourselves. It's crazy that so many things are out of control in our lives: stress at work, stress raising a family or relationships with others, time constraints, finances, errands, etc etc etc - Life sometimes (or most times) may be chaotic. We may feel overwhelmed and lose our sense of control - we may feel numb or helpless. But the good news is that THERE ARE things we can control: 1 .WE CAN CONTROL WHAT WE PUT IN OUR BODIES, WHAT

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