Personal Nutrition's Signature Smoothie Recipe

I have been so busy that time to blog has been restricted. But , due to popular demand (from my clients) I am posting the recipe for my favorite smoothie - it's simple but it's guaranteed to get you going throughout the day - and I add the nutritional information at the end! :) BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE Ingredients 1 cup frozen spinach (or kale) ½-1 cup frozen blueberries ½ frozen RIPE banana 1 cup organic 2% milk (or milk alternative) 1 cup ice (optional, for a more slushy smoothie) Optionals: 1C vanilla yogurt (cow, goat, coconut) 1 scoop of vanilla plant/whey protein 1 tbsp chia seeds / flax seeds / hemp seeds / coconut flakes 1 tbsp almond butter Directions In order, add spinach, ice , banana,

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